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Make the Keyboard Connection and Play with Beauty And Imagination

Posted on November 4, 2022 by Jonathon Bruster

Playing with awareness and sensitivity are fundamental to making beautiful music on the piano. Pianists who learn how to hook up to the sound vibrations because they play know very well what is frequently jokingly known as "becoming one together with your instrument." But don't laugh! This can be a great way to improve learning, memory, concentration, & most importantly playing enjoyment.

From birth our sense of touch is our most significant method of learning. As babies grow their senses develop to add balance, visual and spatial awareness, and lastly the idea of time. In the Arts all these elements are brought together to imitate, confirm, and convey human experience. To play piano more artistically, allow you to ultimately be susceptible to the vibrations of every key since it is played. This just is practical, since it increases sensory input to the mind. This simple process is what puts your human touch into your playing - it really is what brings those ink blots in some recoverable format alive! The piano isn't alive. The sheet music isn't alive. But music is really a living possibility. It really is a natural process that requires a lot more than paper and pen. It requires you! So speak to yourself.

The more completely we have been occupied in as soon as once we are playing, the less possibility there's for distraction. Learning improves as memory and concentration improve. Figure out how to hook up to the music - also to relax. In this manner you can have the very subtle vibrations of the piano when you are playing, and react to the music in a manner that is genuine and unique for you personally. So just do it. Develop your personal style and Have the Good Vibrations!.