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The First Step and Most Important Thing in Learning Guitar

Posted on April 12, 2021 by Jonathon Bruster

The majority of the guitar lovers playing guitar for few years but still unsatisfied with their progress. They feel like still stand at the starting point and can not enjoy their playing. This mainly caused by most of them do not build up a solid foundation at the start. I discovered that some of the guitar learners even just playing guitar for a couple of decades but are more better than so many that playing for over five decades. This is the foundation issues. Me myself was an example when I started playing guitar long time ago.

The secrets of guitar are mostly base on the foundation.To have a good foundation for future success,we need three major factors:


Ear training is a MUST fundamental training which each and every guitar student should have. But many of them avoid this as quite a dull and time-consuming job. Without a fantastic listening, we're not able to move to higher degree.

To overcome this problems, I suggest that guitar students can choose one of the recognized Ear Training software on net. I discovered that there are few really good software that will enhance your listening step by step and actually enjoyable. You feel like playing sport when you learn.

Daily practice: (Both fingers and ears)

Daily practice is another important thing we should do. (Ex.fingers exercises, practice for the fundamental scales)

I suggest that novices practice PENTATONIC SCALES in the beginning point because this scales are the most simple scales which only have 5 tones. Try to practice 20 to 30 minutes each day. Do not forget that even only 20 minutes of RELAX and CONCERNTRATION DAILY practice is more powerful than several hours of unconstant practice.

Start Looking for a teacher:

You may find either personal guitar instructor or guitar courses on internet. For my remarks,learn guitar from web maybe better due to the convinience of time and more economical. There's just 1 question of learning from web that what lessons to select, what lessons are actually work.